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Everyone asks me what TYR stands for so let me explain here.
TYR was an old Norse Chiefton God who stood for Social Justice  and sacrificed his right hand for the benefit of all others.

We believe that is what our veterans have done - sacrificed their youth, families and welfare for the benefits of those who live off the freedoms our military defends for them.

For those who whimper about religious preferences let us utilize TYR as an acronym - T = THANK, Y = YOU, R = RESIDENTS.. All our military and veterans want is for someone to say Thank You so now you can envision this as the THANK YOU RESIDENTS (TYR) VILLAGE!

Though, to us, it doesn't matter what anyone enterprets the name since it is all about our veterans and giving them the proper enviornment needed to help them transition from a military war machine into a productive civilian.

"Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bares his country's cause. 
Abraham Lincoln
Our vision for TYR Village is that our veterans will be have a tiny house – not a shack or dog house to live in – but a home.  They will be provided with a community hall for meetings, educational courses, counseling and guidance, a food bank to assist them with keeping food on the table, a kitchen available to invite family over for a cooked meal and family get together, a large hall for special events, gatherings and possible emergency shelter.  Maintenance shed so veterans will be able to learn maintenance, wood working and machine shop skills to help them get real life jobs.  Retail Shop to offer retail experience and provide groceries and products within walking distance instead of veterans having to travel into town – also, allocating a space for veterans to sell their products made in the maintenance shop.  Pet parks for our PTSD veterans who benefit from having a four legged companion.  A Green House so veterans will learn gardening skills and grow vegetables for the village.  Playgrounds for veterans who are there with families.  An emergency generator at Mitchell Hall – just in case of disasters.  A running track and obstacle course for those who wish to stay in shape.  A Laundromat for residents to use.  And last but far from the least – a Memorial Garden where we will have three memorials (Gold Star, All Veterans and Folded Flag Families) constructed and placed on site for special ceremonies.
Most importanly of all - they have a village filled with like minded brothers and sisters to continue the oath and brotherhood with!  No judgements or condensending atitudes - but a military minded family helping one another.

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$1.6 million is needed to complete this project so every dollar is essential!
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